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Event Timeline

Apr 11 17:58 to Apr 11 18:15 (UTC)
System Outage
This was caused due to an error on our part which resulted in Google Cloud (our Hosting partner) removing access to the services. This was not a technical issue but a process issue. We deeply regret this incident and are putting measures in place to prevent such situations from occurring in the future.
Jan 21 18:45 to Jan 21 19:45 (UTC)
Raw click logs unavailable
Raw click logs stopped being processed. Issue has since been resolved but there will be an availability lag. No clicks were lost.
Nov 13 13:20 to Nov 13 13:20 (UTC)
TLS Certificate Issues
Static assets from Everflow CDN could not be accessed for a short period of time due to an expired TLS certificate, resulting in UI downtime.
Nov 12 20:28 to Nov 12 22:01 (UTC)
Networking Issues
Some users in the US were temporarily unable to reach Everflow because of a networking issue affecting Google and all of its customers. You can consult this link for more details.