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Event Timeline

Sep 14 08:00 to Sep 15 15:00 (UTC)
Missing CSV click files
We are looking into an issue where the raw CSV click files were either missing or being delayed. If you have any missing files you would like to recover, please contact our support team using our Helpdesk: this link
Sep 01 06:30 to Sep 01 06:45 (UTC)
System Outage
Due to an unplanned maintenance on one of our database servers, users were not able to connect to the Everflow UI for a period of 15 minutes. The clicks and conversions were also affected during that period. We will be working with Google Cloud to get a better understanding of why this maintenance occurred and how we can minimize downtime in the future.
May 23 23:14 to May 23 23:34 (UTC)
Limited API / Dashboard Access
We experienced a period during which the UI and API were slow to load. The clicks and conversions were not affected.